Package: Ticket + Merch discount €125

Passion over Fashion

Buy the ticket and preorder merchandise to get a discount - you'll get a €15.00 voucher for €10.00.

Use the voucher to get a free t-shirt (which regularly costs €15.00) or use it as €15.00 discount for any other merchandise. (hoodies, bags etc...)

BUY NOW - €125

Package: Ticket + Powercamp €235

Trailer trash 3000

Buy the powercamp spot to light up your van with 800w supply, and get get merch voucher.

Use the voucher to get a free t-shirt (which costs €15.00) or use it as €15.00 discount for any other merchandise. (hoodies, bags etc...)

BUY NOW - €235

Festival ticket only - €115 until May 30


You need just a ticket - and everything else will come later. For the swift, for the brave, and for the restless.

€115.00 until 30 May

Camping, family camping and van camping without power plugs is included.

BUY NOW - €115

Coming, leaving and weekend tickets

The area will open at noon of 10th of August and close on noon on 18th. It's not possible to camp on Tarej before and after this period. One day tickets and weekend tickets might be available. It depends on the presale, and we'll announce it few days before.

I've filled the online form, when will I get the ticket?

You'll get an e-ticket (with code for scanning on the entrance) to your e-mail. We'll issue out all tickets between 14th and 30th May 2020. That is also the time that ticket swap ends.

Until that period, your invoice (that comes on your e-mail with the reference number) is valid as your ticket.

Can I return or refund ticket if I buy it now?

If you buy tickets now you can't return them afterwards, but you can swap them with another person until 30th May.

If something unfortunate like sickness happens to you, you can ask for a refund of your tickets but the administrative fee will be deducted from you money return.

Coming with kids

The entrance is free for kids younger then 12 and for persons with physical disability. We have a family only camp area. You can camp there with you car or van, it has most accessible beach, and lowest (possible) sound level.

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Coming with animals

Animals are welcome if you handle yourself and them with care and love. The only thing you need to do is register them on arrival, when you claim your wristband. We'll put them a label on the neck with your contact info.

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All about ticket swaps and refunds

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)