Swapping ticket 1:1 with another person

If you buy tickets now you can't return them afterwards, but you can swap them with another person until 27th April.

For any reason, you can swap your ticket with another person one on one. You can do this in the range between 14th April 2021 and 27th April 2021 by contacting us on e-mail swaps@freemental.eu.

The possibility to do this will officially end on 27th April 2021, and if you don't swap your ticket by then, you can't refund or sell it afterwards. Of course, if something unfortunate happens to you, you can ask for a ticket refund, but we hope you won't need to!

If something unfortunate like sickness happens to you, you can ask for a refund of your tickets but the administrative fee will be deducted from you money return. As the payment processing is done via different providers (Litesource Shop and it's partners) and Zadruga Otok, administrative fees vary.

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)