Crossing the path

To come to the Island of Cres you'll need to use the ferry or catamaran.



There are two ferries, depending from which side you're coming - one from Brestova in Istria called Porozina and one from Valbiska on Island of Krk, coming to Merag on Island of Cres.

Both ferries ride many times a day, and one way trip takes around 20 minutes. It costs little less then €3.00 per person in one way, and around €15.00 for a car in one way.


From Rijeka

If you are coming from Rijeka just with a backpack, the most effective is to take the catamaran.

It goes once a day, takes about two hours and costs around 6 euros. Check the times on the official website of Jadrolinija.

Getting to the location

Tarej, the peninsula housing the festival, is only 5 minutes with a car from the ferry in Merag. There will be a shuttle bus from ferry to the festival area, as well as couple of shuttle vans every day to town of Cres (20 minute ride).

Travelling to Ozora Festival?

Going to Ozora when you're done with swimming in the sea? Take our shuttle bus from Cres and go straight to the party!


Is the parking area near the festival?

Parking area is just above the festival. Some parts are in the shade, but generally it's always sunny in Tarejdelphia. It takes around 10 minutes of walk from parking area to the main infopoint.

Is the camping area reachable by car?

No, you'll have to leave your cars on the parking, and then move your things down.

We know it sucks, but we can't have cars or vans near the sea. Tents should be there, not cars! You know how we say - all cars are bastards. Jokes aside, it's a big problem for firefighters and first aid which have to have a clear path.

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Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.