The essence of any festival

Camping on festivals should be the essence, and not an unfortunate series of events just to make it through the day.

Last untouched gem of the Adriatic sea.

The music is only the wave between relations you make in beautiful forest of Tarej and we insist on safe and comfortable breathing space for everyone. To make this possible, and keep the natural balance of the beach and forest, we've limited the number of available tickets and increased their prices. This enables us to be sustainable and create more amazing experience.


Camping is open from 25th July at noon (12:00h) until 2nd August at noon (12:00), which is the last time to leave the area of Tarej. All facilities will work in this time, and free water will be available until the departure. You can't arrive earlier, or stay longer - Tarej is forbidden to camp and access by car all year except the period of festival.

A camp for everyone

Tent camp

  • all around, except family camp area
  • near the sea, in front of speakers, in the sea, on the tree...we've seen it all
  • not accessible by car
  • if you arrive with car, you'll have to take your stuff and leave the car on the parking

Van camp

  • designated zones for vans and campers
  • if you move, someone can take your spot - there are no "reserved" spots
  • if you have a car converted for sleeping, you might be able to access it - parking manager will decide on the spot, as lot of people misused this just to enter the area on the wheels

Power camp

  • 800w plug - for 8 days
  • accessible with vans
  • your spot is reserved
  • 15€/day for 8 days =€120.00
  • buy it ticket package, or on the spot (if there will be spots left)

Family camp

  • for families with kids of any age
  • most far from the sound
  • accessible with vans and cars
  • easier access to the sea
  • daycare & medical aid


Buy the powercamp spot to light up your van with 800w supply, and get get merch voucher.

Use the voucher to get a free t-shirt (which costs €15.00) or use it as €15.00 discount for any other merchandise. (hoodies, bags etc...)

BUY NOW - €235

All camping zones have toilets and free water tanks, and showers are placed in the shower area, near the info point.

There will be multiple power charging spots for mobile phones and electrical stuff around the festival.

Get Tickets

Buy tickets

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.