Join us in celebrating personal and collective transformations through rite of passage.

In delta edition we are celebrating leaving the realm of childhood, to acknowledge, celebrate, and remind us that we are a part of a perpetual process.. Freemental is an attitude: to grow we have to face our darkness and sacrifice old patterns.

To rise above a the level of the sleepers, to develop in the most beautiful way Life can possibly show us. We take Tarej as a place, and Cres as an island, as one of the chakras of the planet. We chose it because of it's energy and we're obliged to take care of it as much as we can.


Our fourth edition is a rite of passage to us: we are overcoming our childhood and becoming mature - as we've defined our steps for the future.

During the early years of our life we are unable to take care of ourselves. Therefore, in order to simply survive, we need someone to take care of us. This task falls upon our mother for she is the one person whose sole responsibility is to nurture and protect us.

Our mother, therefore, becomes the living Symbol for the Mother Archetype who is feminine, nurturing, and intuitive. However, there comes a Time, generally about the age of puberty,
when we are now able to fend for ourselves. It as at this Time that we enter adulthood and are now responsible for creating and experiencing our personal Destiny.

This is the Time when our Mother Archetype unconditionally releases us. She steps aside and graciously sends us off into the domain of our Father Archetype.

Our Father Archetype is the masculine, assertive, and rational aspect of adulthood. The Father Archetype teaches us how to "hunt", interact, compete, and survive with our other fellow

For it is by Learning, and retaining, the Wisdom contained within both the Mother and Father Archetypes that we are then able to understand the importance of Blending of Differences, and the
Union of Duality, which our personal Rite of Passage endowed upon us when we crossed the borders of Toyland and left the realm of childhood.

This Rite of Passage honors the Sacred meaning behind the Rite of Passage Ceremonies which have been practiced and revered within every world-wide culture since the very beginning of Time.

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Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.