The last untouched gem of the Adriatic sea

Cres is the largest and the longest island in the Adriatic sea. It's located in Northern area of Adriatic called Kvarner, close to city of Rijeka. The island is famously green and lush in forests wherever you look at, high cliffs from one side of the island and gravel beaches from another. And it's home to most amazing spot, the hidden gem - Tarej forest and peninsula

This is the second year that Island of Cres is home to the festival, and we can't be happier enough. It's honour and privilege to be in the beautiful forest and work.

Fragile ecosystem

As an ecosystem Tarej forest and Island of Cres are fragile because of us and harmonised without us. With less people, we can try to keep this harmony and invest in long-term activities to keep this beautiful part of nature sustainable. Our foremost aim is to always leave the island cleaner then when we set our foot on the ferry - sea pollution is suffocating our shores, and Cres is not an exception.

As one of the last unbuilt and unprivatized beaches on the Adriatic coast, Tarej is a natural gem and an opportunity for business predators. We envision it as a permanent spot for artists, activists and scientists to gather during whole year in mission of preserving and helping our planet and each other.

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Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.

Festival is moved to 2022 due to pandemic. Learn more on our facebook page.