If you really want to know something about KFD, you need to travel back in turbulent '90s. and walk down through all "kafanas" with red&white tablecloth and ashtray made of cheap aluminum (near train station, secondary garbage yards, flea markets, all around North-West Bačka district! Gozer style!). You need to visit Regeneracija Dunava in the small Pannonian riverside village and meet all that people witch living there and make thing moving. You should jump in the muddy Danube, Sava and Tisa in early spring, you should still some watermelons in late summer, you need to run few times through an old oak forest chased by a wild boar, rabid fox (happy winter time) or mad and anxious hornet (reserved for early autumn)… Beat that!

Our music, grown in yellow scoops boxes and loaded with heavy B&C speakers, brings a mixture of the old magpie habits; collecting, picking, informing, alarming, performing, stealing, attacking, hiding and singing.... Discover everything about our music, bad habits, animal and human diseases, dark poetry, voodoo kitchen and much, much more... Bravely walk with us, through a patchwork of dysfunctional families, broken communication, and strange creative energy... Haris Pilton & Chakka Svraka & Baraba & KALI FAT DUB

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)