Started DJ-ing around 1998. Few weeks in London, nice experience and youth enthusiasm gave me a punch to start playing music and of course like with everybody it takes me off completely! At the begin I was mostly into sounds like Harthouse, Eye Q, Acid Techno etc. till first sounds of GoaTrance and everything from that era/scene after. I’ve organized numerous parties around Croatia, all over Balkans and other EU countries (Natraj Temple Munich, Swiss, Slovenia, Czech rep., Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia etc.) and organized first Free Spirit, Ponikve, co-organized Tribalizer, UWOG, Mikulići parties.... Also compiled 12’’ named Hypocratia, for independent Yaniv’s label Hadshot haheizar with local artists.[DSK]Dusko Saric-Kovacic, audio engineer, sound designer, arranger, producer. Studied audio engineeringand sound production In Frankfurt am Main and since then working in the mainstream media.

Last 15 years been writing music for movies, games and commercials. Trance music got his attention since early 1990s where he actively was bringing trance artist to northern parts of Croatia through his“The garden of Shiva” project. Currently in ambient / downtempo / progressive psychill music gatheredwith wide movie soundtrack atmospheres.

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)