Andreas Maida AKA Flix - At the time, he wouldn’t have guessed his passion for creation and thus becoming Flix, a psychedelic/techno musician, would have begun when he discovered computers at a young age. Living in Chile at the time, proper computers were hard to come by and expensive. For most that posed a problem, but he overlooked computers and the potential to build his own. In the early 2000’s Andreas discovered the music production softwares EJay and CoolEdit Pro which allowed him to produce hip hop tracks for himself and friends. In 2006 he fell deeply in love with electronic music at Earthdance festival in Chile, opening his mind to a new world full of sounds he never heard before. By 2010 he started producing his own music under the name Andyflip. All the while he was collaborating in the psytrance duo Reptilian Renegades while simultaneously playing the synthesizers for the psychedelic rock band Spiral Vortex. Andreas was drawn to the natural world and considering his design experience studied Landscape Architecture. He also began working as a Technical Production Specialist, coordinating, setting up audiovisual gear, projecting movies and doing all kinds of tech work for the International Movie Festival of Valdivia, Chile (FICV) and the International Documentary Festival of Santiago, Chile. (FIDOCS) amongst others, giving him a wide appreciation for other forms of art and storytelling, and allowing him to refine in which ways he would continue developing his artistic vision. He has always worked hard and used his time wisely because the skills he has acquired during his life have brought him great joy.

2015 – 2018 he was living in San Francisco renovating houses while working as a Mastering Engineer at a small electronic music record label. Being truly grateful for these experiences because they have opened many doors for him, giving him the opportunity to showcase himself as his current stage name Flix (Pistolero recs, Padang recs) a psychedelic/techno exhibition of his musical evolution as a 31 year old artist. He has performed across the Americas from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and his home country of Chile. In the coming year he will be touring the stages and festivals of Europe, giving him world renown as he returns again to share his newest artistic proposals.

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