Ecstatic dance is a global movement, a conscious gathering to raise awareness on planet Earth. We invite you to experience an inspiring, safe and sacred place to dance, a sense of freedom in self-expression, to free your mind and body, to connect with yourself and others around you.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines: We connect with the community through dance and the community circle at the beginning and end of the dance We support a conscious, safe and natural environment - no alcohol, drugs, smoking Due to deep immersion in the experience, we do not use verbal communication during dance, we connect through movement, energy and vibration We take care of space and each other You can dance alone or with others, respecting their boundaries We leave our cell phones and shoes outside the dance floor We carry water and layered clothes with us We do not restrict and judge ourselves and others - dance is a unique expression of each of us Unlike other dance practices: No verbal guidance T

ransformation is led by a DJ with skill in sound and equipment The emphasis is on eclectic bass music of recent production - from ambience and downtempo to ecstatic midtempo - psybass, glitch hop, world music, ethno house to the climax in tribal, breaks, drum & bass rhythms, before returning you to downtempo and we end with a gentle sonic beatless bath.

Take a trip with us and dive into the deepest parts of yourself.

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)