Miska from Budapest a.k.a. Dr Space learned and played traditional South-African music for years, and played in a psychedelic/space rock band, combining traditional and electronic percussion instruments; authentic, and shaped tribal drum sounds with twisted effects.

He has begun to play different style DJ sets for friend’s entertainment at small parties, before or after their band’s concerts, just-for-fun. In 1-2 years, and several promising parties in 2009 he started to play as “Dr Space” mostly UK-full-on style sets, accepting requests from the Hungarian scene. At the first times introduced by a Budapest based underground psychedelic crew (4.49 festival / Psyweekend), at their parties and festivals. By this time he is in charge for the technical-and and artist management at one of this underground festivals, where he met first time the psychedelic culture’s wonder.Thence, more and more possibilities opened up to entertain the party people with his taste of selection at indoor parties, and open-air festivals, in Hungary, neighbour European countries, and far places like Israel.

Joined to the label “Starsheep Systems”, that started by O.z.o.r.a. festival’s promoter in 2012.With the influences of psytrance technical evolution now he plays more diverse sets adapted to the ambience usually night-time, calling "pure psychedelic trance", without stigmatizing it dark, progressive or full-on, mixing in the fringe of different sub-styles to give a groovy psychedelic journey around 145-150 BPM. The high-class sound, deep, ecstatic tunes, trippy melodies, and powerful continuous dynamics give character to his sets.His confession is, that psychedelic trance producers are really significant "visionary artists" of our age, and this music always have to be innovative and surprising technically, nevertheless primordial in the impressions. According this the DJ have scope to transmit the experience of wondering through sharing music, that helps to get in touch with our instinct beings.

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)