Neno Stanković aka DaYes, shows interest for electronic music from an early age. By going to legendary clubs in the early 90-ies, DaYes made an enviable number of dance steps.

NeNo, with his recognizable, playful and positive vibe became DaYes. With a wide spectrum of "listen to this track" moments in sets that never stop, he becomes a selfless collector of music. His collection makes the people reach for track recognition apps. By going to old school Zagreb scene, DaYes shows his wide range of music. Mostly with "deep" sounds, he shows a palette of moments that are being filled with his energy and love. So with this Zagreb lad, you will hear more and get more because with DaYes it's either Yes or a No.

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)