My name – 1000arc – means “thousand face”, I am really a collector, I play only vinyl dj sets. The name is like “Nome est omen”, I like lots of style of music, I think the coherence between them is me. I like to play sets, have a need to get to somewhere, like a wave. I love both side of the scale, rock the dance floor or make a chilly atmosphere.

I have been writing, producing music since 1996, I had two groups Etnograf and StereoPartizan. These live, instrumental projects were mostly electronic style with world, ethno and folk music flavor. I enjoy very much playing with musicians on stage. I have started to collect vinyl at the beginning of century. Since then I have made a lots of club nights like Porky’s Bar, Balkan Banzai, Sonovizor, PickUp, which runs in the present. My eternal love is underground, mostly parties, so I play mostly there, and I am organizing as well. I love to play on open air events and festival, some examples, Ozora Festival, Lost Theory Festival, Goulash Disko Festival, Sziget Festival, Balatonsound Festival…

So if you see me from the dance floor at the desks, depends on the party you can get techno or acid/acidhouse or breakbeat even. For being relaxed or just tripping lay down I can play a wide range of music from ambient, triphop and world lounge music. “Art is my life and life is my art”

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)