Dedicated to music since early childhood, Vesna attended elementary and middle music school, after which she graduated musical pedagogy on Academy of Music on University of Zagreb, and finished her study of composition on University of Music and Performing arts in Graz. She is also a multiinstrumentalist, playing piano, viola, sitar, guitar and percussion.While working as musical pedagogue, and as a pianist and a composer, in her compositions since the 1990s she was searching for news ways to express herself creating music for a quartet combining acoustic and electronical instruments.

After her work with the quartet, she also started to write music for classical instruments. Her compositions were in large part influenced and inspired by ethno music, both in rythm and harmony.In classical expression, she composed chamber music and solo piano compositions. She also created music for a theatre play For ever, which was performed in Croatia and India. The play was later done also as an art movie.In 2015, she gets into computer based production, where she discovers new possibilites of combining ethno, ambient and electronic sound. While still keeping the form of the classical composition, she transformed classical orchestra to an orchestra of electronic sounds with their endless possibilities and variations, thus transforming the classical sound into a completely different world, still staying devoted to the spirit of the piano.Therefore, in the game of classical composition and performance of non-classical instruments - electronic and ethno/tribal instruments - the Hand of Damaru project emerges, with which she started performing on the ambient scene, and promoting the first album as Hand of Damaru.

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