Carried by the wave of the electronic music of the 90s and computer music of the 2000s, he showcases interest for leftfield, experimental and techno music primarily from the UK.

He has been promoting electronic music events in Karlovac over a decade as a DJ, event organizer, LED festival host and recently, as Mala Scena club manager. Over time DOTS has met and welcomed prominent native names and thus collaborates with collectives such as Confusion, River Festival, Dirtybeatz and VuBass. From the tips of cutting edge electronica he brought to Karlovac artist like Stormfield, Scanone, Ohmwerk, Aethek as well as techno neighbours Ontal and Lag.

As a fan of of deep, dark and experimental electronics he finds his gusto and current expression in techno. Apart from having performed in Serbia and Slovenia, the Zagreb clubs Sirup and Das Haus, Rijeka’s Crkva (eng. The Church) and Osijek’s Epic, he is known for his open air and club performances in most of Croatian cities. Simultaneously he shared the decks with the carriers of the current underground techno scene, like UVB, VSK, Yan Cook, Lag, Insolate, Volster and Petar Dundov.

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)