Dawa travelled many times all over france, europe (belgium, switzerland, poland, romania, spain, croatia, norway, italy, india..) and over the world (mexico, india) to spread the vibes.

They played with many international artists and producers (iration steppas, the disciples, bush chemists, jah free, alpha & omega, martin campbell, obf, stand high, manasseh, vibronics, prince jamo, mungos hifi.....and many more). we played at places and festivals like: rototom festival, garance festival, outlook, dub camp, marseille dub station, nantes dub club, dubquake, dubadub,.... they also produce their own music with the studio run by val dawa and recording many artists. few records are also avalaible on different labels (blackboard jungle, roots revelation, digipirate, indica dubs..). big respect to all people and friends who follow our work since all this time!!! nuff love to the crew..benabass, tieum, sir(no rules), guimiks, ustone, nattytom, bongo,.. ...rspx! family affair seen!

Week of camping & 5 days of music

+ 1e / day of tourist addmitance (on site)