They will love it here! And we'll love them too! ;)

If you're coming with animals, when you come to claim your wristband, you need to register them! This means we'll give you a label to put around their neck, where you'll write your phone number and his/hers name. You'll also give us a contact of person we can call if you get lost.

Many people mean many dogs too

furry romantic relationships are very common, so if your buddy flees somewhere, before making panic check that lovely weiner-dog she liked a lot day before!

Island of Cres is well known for the sheep

Our experience from Tarej tells us that dogs and sheep have jumpy relationships. Your buddy will run all the way to the other part of the world just to meet its new friend - lucky they are always faster. :)

Beach rocks oh yeah

we're in the forest, and beach rocks can be very sharp on certain parts. Dogs get crazy happy when they are near the sea, and we've seen more then one bleeding paw. Consider getting small dog-shoes, and generally take care of your friends.

Animals are much more sensitive to the sound

Leave your buddies in the camp, or ask someone to watch them out. You're in front of the properly loud soundsystem, it's not a place for a little furry ears.

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